Life flows on within you and without you.


My favorite term for myself.

My favorite term for the past three months of my life.

Hi! I’m the only creative peep here in the office right now since all of my co-workers/friends left me to go to the greener part of the pasture. This is a total burnout. Yes, it serves as a good training ground but it’s cold in here. Especially when you’re alone. Yes, I’ll grow without me noticing it, but what I’ve noticed is that I grew weary.


For the first three months I joined the work force, I’ve grown weary already. Isn’t it a wonder? Yes, I can juggle two departments at the same time (yup I still can’t believe I’m able to juggle marketing and creative til now) but it doesn’t mean that I shall do it alone. It’s sad. I’ve grown clingy to my seniors here. They treat me as a little sister and a daughter.

Ugh! Go get another fun job, Pam.

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It’s raining cats and dogs and bunnies!